Playing Pool for healthy living

Considering that pool is an indoor game that does not involve as much physical exertion as other sports, it would not be surprising if many people do not see pool as an activity for healthy living. After all, it is a casual game, which is often played in bars and pubs. Even though it may not seem so, playing pool can actually prove to be quite healthy for both the body and the mind, especially for the latter. The next time someone says that playing pool is merely an excuse for having a night out with drinking involved, you may want to make them read this article.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Playing Pool?


You Will End Up Walking Far More Than You Realize

No doubt, pool may not involve as much exertion as sports like basketball or tennis, but that does not mean you cannot burn calories while playing pool. A session of pool can take up to 2 hours and during that period of time, you have to walk around the pool table a lot. You may not realize this, but you can actually end up walking almost three-quarters of a mile during a single pool game. Thus, you can burn even more calories if you play more than one game. You may even expect the muscles of back, hips and legs to get toned to quite an extent, over the course of playing pool regularly.

The Game Can Prove To Be Quite Mentally Stimulating

Unless you have played pool before, you may not know how mentally stimulating it can prove to be. Today, there are virtually infinite layouts when it comes to pool tables. This makes choosing classic pool tables even more beneficial. Regardless, every different layout of a different pool table challenges the player’s creativity and imagination. Playing pool is like solving a problem, players have to improvise and visualize their shots before they can actually pocket a ball or balls. It takes a lot of mental skills to make successful shots.

It Will Put Your Hand-Eye Coordination & Flexibility To The Test

In its own distinct way, playing pool can actually exert both your mind and body. You need to have to a certain level of hand-eye coordination to be good at pool, and you can expect it to improve as you keep on playing. Good hand-eye coordination is the key to winning a pool game, among other factors. Apart from the walking, you will also have to maintain your balance and stretch quite a lot when you play pool. You will have to be flexible to hit shots from various angles, some more complex than others, and if you are not already, you can expect your flexibility to improve and increase.


It does not matter how old you are, or whether you are male or female, just about everyone can partake in a game or two of pool, or even more. Pool may seem like a leisurely activity, but it should now be obvious that it has its own unique health benefits as well. It can also be more convenient if you have a pool table in your own house. In which case, classic pool tables can prove to be quite worthwhile.