Best Dinner to Eat Before Partying All Night

Partying involves a lot of drinking and it’s not advisable to go drinking on an empty stomach. If you try that; it’s the quickest way of getting drunk that will be then followed with a hangover. All you need is to eat a proper meal before going partying to enable you to stay put or rather on your feet longer as well as prevent the hangover from attacking you the day after.

Just in-case it happens that you skip your dinner and go straight for your evening party, which sometimes happens. Order some nuts or olives to eat; they are an excellent source of fat. In addition, nuts are a source of B-vitamins that gets diminished when someone takes drinks with alcohol.
Therefore, to maintain your stability and stop any hangover from attacking you all night as you party. We’ve come up with a list of the best dinner to eat before going to a party. They include:
















1. Drink Water and Natural Electrolytes.
Alcohol extremely dehydrates the body and to keep your body hydrated, it’s good for a lot of drink water before, during and even after taking alcohol. This will help you from getting dehydrated throughout the night as well as keep you from getting a hangover.

In addition, you can have some green juice such as tender bananas, cucumber. Spinach or even coconut water during the dinner; they contain natural electrolytes which include potassium and sodium thus they work best for a hangover. Green juice will help your body to keep-up it’s nutrients and electrolytes while you’re drinking alcohol.

It’s also advisable to drink more of this juice even after the party to help your body build electrolytes back-up to fight back hangover. You can also take plain lemon water with some pinch of Himalayan salt in it; this will help to reduce upcoming nausea while you’ll be drinking to a large extent.

2. Whole grains and starches
Rule No.1 for drinking alcohol is; Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach’. With a full stomach, you are less likely to fully-feel alcohol effects and with whole grains and starches such as sweet potatoes and pasta that are high in carbohydrates(low-glycemic Garbs); these will keep you full as well as energized for a longer duration thus to enable you to enjoy and keep up with the party all night.

3. Foods rich in Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin for cognitive functions and short-term memory. To party smart, you’ll need these essential vitamins but since alcohol often damages the stomach’s mucosal lining, the stomach cells will be unable to produce a protein known as an intrinsic factor which is required for B-12 absorption.

Therefore, it’s important to supplement yourself with a dose of Vitamin B-12 that is, before going to the party. There are also other ways of getting Vitamin B-12 which includes; eating foods rich in Vitamin B12 such s salmon, eggs, potato, sprouted alfalfa, leafy greens or even overnight soaked cooked rice.

However, try salmon for your dinner to help you keep up with your cognitive functions and short-term memory. They are highly rich in B-12 thus even with too many drinks, your memory will be intact. In addition, eggs are high in proteins. They are also a good source of cysteine and amino acid which will help break-down the toxins in alcohol. Hence, by breaking down alcohol toxin in your body system, it will help flush out those toxins faster as well as reduces the duration at which you’ll experience that hangover.

4. Food rich in lean proteins
To avoid having spikes and crashed while partying, try eating lean protein foods such as chicken breast, meats e.t.c. These are foods that are available and can easily be found in our houses. But does frozen meat expire? it all depends on your storage. However, when kept in a freezer with 0 degrees temperature then it can last for up to 3-4 months without getting worse. It’s important to note the expiry date for your chicken or meat in order to avoid food poisoning.

Lean protein will help keep your body sugar steady and when it’s combined with a low glycemic Garbs, it can be the best balanced pre-party dinner or meal before going to the party. For a light and healthy meal/dinner, try a grilled chicken salad. therefore, having lean protein food for your dinner before heading for the party will greatly help maintain your body sugar thus when they drop, you become shaky, lose energy or rather feel jittery and this can mess up the fun.

5. Cucumber and Watermelon
Basically, cucumber is made-up of 95% of water. You can take some few slices before heading to your party as a snack. it will help flush-out the alcohol toxins in your body system. In addition, they contain some amount of sugar, electrolytes as well as B-vitamins; they could help prevent or reduce the intensity of your hangover the next day.

Since alcohol can extremely dehydrate you, taking a watermelon and cucumber as your snack choice wouldn’t be a bad idea. They will help flush-out the toxin, build-up electrolytes as well as boost your hydration.