Best Dinner to Eat Before Partying All Night

Partying involves a lot of drinking and it’s not advisable to go drinking on an empty stomach. If you try that; it’s the quickest way of getting drunk that will be then followed with a hangover. All you need is to eat a proper meal before going partying to enable you to stay put or rather on your feet longer as well as prevent the hangover from attacking you the day after.

Just in-case it happens that you skip your dinner and go straight for your evening party, which sometimes happens. Order some nuts or olives to eat; they are an excellent source of fat. In addition, nuts are a source of B-vitamins that gets diminished when someone takes drinks with alcohol.
Therefore, to maintain your stability and stop any hangover from attacking you all night as you party. We’ve come up with a list of the best dinner to eat before going to a party. They include:
















1. Drink Water and Natural Electrolytes.
Alcohol extremely dehydrates the body and to keep your body hydrated, it’s good for a lot of drink water before, during and even after taking alcohol. This will help you from getting dehydrated throughout the night as well as keep you from getting a hangover.

In addition, you can have some green juice such as tender bananas, cucumber. Spinach or even coconut water during the dinner; they contain natural electrolytes which include potassium and sodium thus they work best for a hangover. Green juice will help your body to keep-up it’s nutrients and electrolytes while you’re drinking alcohol.

It’s also advisable to drink more of this juice even after the party to help your body build electrolytes back-up to fight back hangover. You can also take plain lemon water with some pinch of Himalayan salt in it; this will help to reduce upcoming nausea while you’ll be drinking to a large extent.

2. Whole grains and starches
Rule No.1 for drinking alcohol is; Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach’. With a full stomach, you are less likely to fully-feel alcohol effects and with whole grains and starches such as sweet potatoes and pasta that are high in carbohydrates(low-glycemic Garbs); these will keep you full as well as energized for a longer duration thus to enable you to enjoy and keep up with the party all night.

3. Foods rich in Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin for cognitive functions and short-term memory. To party smart, you’ll need these essential vitamins but since alcohol often damages the stomach’s mucosal lining, the stomach cells will be unable to produce a protein known as an intrinsic factor which is required for B-12 absorption.

Therefore, it’s important to supplement yourself with a dose of Vitamin B-12 that is, before going to the party. There are also other ways of getting Vitamin B-12 which includes; eating foods rich in Vitamin B12 such s salmon, eggs, potato, sprouted alfalfa, leafy greens or even overnight soaked cooked rice.

However, try salmon for your dinner to help you keep up with your cognitive functions and short-term memory. They are highly rich in B-12 thus even with too many drinks, your memory will be intact. In addition, eggs are high in proteins. They are also a good source of cysteine and amino acid which will help break-down the toxins in alcohol. Hence, by breaking down alcohol toxin in your body system, it will help flush out those toxins faster as well as reduces the duration at which you’ll experience that hangover.

4. Food rich in lean proteins
To avoid having spikes and crashed while partying, try eating lean protein foods such as chicken breast, meats e.t.c. These are foods that are available and can easily be found in our houses. But does frozen meat expire? it all depends on your storage. However, when kept in a freezer with 0 degrees temperature then it can last for up to 3-4 months without getting worse. It’s important to note the expiry date for your chicken or meat in order to avoid food poisoning.

Lean protein will help keep your body sugar steady and when it’s combined with a low glycemic Garbs, it can be the best balanced pre-party dinner or meal before going to the party. For a light and healthy meal/dinner, try a grilled chicken salad. therefore, having lean protein food for your dinner before heading for the party will greatly help maintain your body sugar thus when they drop, you become shaky, lose energy or rather feel jittery and this can mess up the fun.

5. Cucumber and Watermelon
Basically, cucumber is made-up of 95% of water. You can take some few slices before heading to your party as a snack. it will help flush-out the alcohol toxins in your body system. In addition, they contain some amount of sugar, electrolytes as well as B-vitamins; they could help prevent or reduce the intensity of your hangover the next day.

Since alcohol can extremely dehydrate you, taking a watermelon and cucumber as your snack choice wouldn’t be a bad idea. They will help flush-out the toxin, build-up electrolytes as well as boost your hydration.

Toilet Hygiene for Better Health

A toilet is a receptacle in a home where people pass urine and feces. A toilet is an important component of every building. There are different types of the toilet that can be installed in a building. They include, wall hung toilets, smart toilets, European Water Closet (WC) toilet, Asian toilet among others. When using a toilet, there are certain hygiene practices that a person must adhere to in order to ensure that one’s health is not damaged when using the toilet. Several of these toilet hygiene practices can see in Best Toilets Reviews on the internet. They include

1. Always wash the hands after using the toilet:
One of the hygiene practices that should be observed by a person who uses the toilet is to wash the hands after using the toilet. This is one of the important measures that can be taken to control infections from toilet use. A person who uses the toilet must wash his or her hands with soap and running water. This hygiene caution can be seen in all Best Toilets Reviews. This is an important hygiene for better health.

2. Always flush the toilet after use:
An important toilet hygiene that should be observed after using the toilet is flushing. Flushing the toilet is important, this ensures that pathogens and micro-organisms do not build up on the urine and feces. This is an important toilet hygiene for better health. This hygiene practice should be observed in toilets in both residential and commercial buildings.

3. Stand close to the toilet pan when urinating:
Another important toilet hygiene for better health is standing close to the toilet pain when passing urine. This ensures that urine does not pour on the toilet floor which would make the toilet floor to become dirty, stinky and slippery. A slippery toilet floor can cause accidents in the toilet.

4. Do not take handbags into the toilet:
An important toilet etiquette that can be seen in Best Toilets Reviews is the prohibition of handbags in the toilet. Taking handbags to the toilet is totally forbidden. Handbags may pick up germs, pathogen and another harmful micro-organism in the toilet. Do not take handbags into the toilet.

5. Wash the toilet regularly:
Another important toilet hygiene that should be observed by toilet users is washing the toilet regularly. When washing the toilet, use strong detergents and antiseptic compounds that are capable of killing all the pathogens and harmful micro-organisms in the toilet. When washing the toilet, scrub the pans, lid and toilet floors thoroughly in order to remove any dirt or stain.

6. Always flush the toilet with the lid closed:
An important toilet hygiene practice for better health is to always flush the toilet with the lid closed. This is because flushing the toilet with the lid open can aerosolize bacteria and other disease causing micro-organism into the surroundings. This is an important toilet hygiene practice that you can see in Best Toilets Reviews.

7. Always keep the toilet door closed:
It is always important to keep the toilet door closed when you are inside the toilet or when you are not using it. This will reduce the rate at which germs can spread from the toilet to other areas of an apartment.

Foosball for workout

Digital technology is a blessing in disguise. It makes life simple and flexible at the same time affects our health due to physical inactivity. Foosball is table soccer. Soccer is a game played globally and at least 70% of households have passion for the game. The physical benefits of football cannot be compared to table soccer, but, at least it has an impact on physical health and on a better point of view it has mental benefits due to the cognitive development.

As a player, you need to select a table that suits your height and the space available although it is advisable to use a standard foosball table. How can you live healthy by playing foosball?


Increases metabolic activity

You need to move around to take the right position to ensure you shoot accordingly. This body movement is a form of workout. This helps to increase the blood circulation to different part of the body hence increase the metabolic rate of the body. The input vs. output helps to create a balance and remove toxins from the body promoting overall health for it keeps diseases at bay.

Improved mental health

In as much as it involves physical activity, you need to have a sober mind to improve your thinking capacity. The game involves reasoning and logic to make timely decision. At the same time, you need to master the moves of your opponent to ensure you use his weakness to your advantage for the benefit of a win.

Boosts your confidence

A win is a success. Who loves failure? The moment you are able to make a kill and win even a single game it encourages you and boost your confidence. If it was your first attempt, then you should have a pat on your back. It is not automatic that you will win a game. It means you use your cognitive skills, eye coordination and body movement appropriately to get to that point.

Develops your personality development

Whether you are a winner or a loser, life must continue, if you are able to get a win them you have a positive attitude which is vital for your social interaction. You have lost a game, does it mean you throw the game and regret; of course, no you dust yourself and pick up and focus on the next game. That helps you to have a good personality, which you emulate in your daily life. You can win or lose but take life from a positive angle.

Builds your level of reasoning

Logic and reasoning are acquired traits although, for some exceptions, they are inborn characters. To acquire these positive traits you need to involve yourself in activities which guide you towards the goal. Foosball is one game which helps to promote your reasoning ability. In your daily life, it helps you to have the ability to make timely decisions which you will not regret. Have you ever made a decision which is irreversible and you regret to date? Most probably, you used your emotions rather than the voice of reasoning.

Foosball has positive impact emotionally, physically and psychologically.

Shower heads: the entry to clean living

Adjusting the water pressure of shower heads give you an option of enjoying your bath whether you opt for a cold or a hot shower. At the shower, you have full control of the temperature of the 81i4DpYLWUL._SL1500water for a relaxing feeling. Clean living does not only involve diet and exercise, you need to have an emotional sense of satisfaction for the body and soul. Shower heads provide a constant flow of water to ensure there is increased blood circulation to various organs which further helps in emotional wellbeing.

The instant energy provided through the shower makes you have a positive attitude towards life and further makes you have a sense of appreciation of both achievements and weaknesses. You have had a long day, but the energy from the shower has made you make a remarkable achievement in your workplace making you win the prestigious award, it boosts your self-esteem and confidence levels making you have the proper personality development.

A goods personality helps you to have a physical, emotional and spiritual fitness. The physical fitness comes because of increased metabolism from increase blood circulation to essential body parts for a healthy body and mind.

Emotionally, you have a sense of self-fulfillment due to a boosted self-esteem from the positive outlook of life challenges.

A clean body means a clean mind and soul to ensure the words of a spiritual leader or an inspirational book have a positive impact and a change in attitude on any outstanding issues in your life. After an aerobic exercise in the gym, the production of lactic acid and sweating leads to sweating which leads to
general body pain and muscle soreness. A cold shower helps to reduce the pain and alleviate the soreness on the muscles.

You will never feel comfortable in the office when you are sure you never took a shower. Naturally, you will have a guilty mind which affects your productivity since you will fear to be around people. How will you face your boss or make that crucial presentation that will give you the contract you have always dreaded? How will you decide to have an informal session with your juniors to discuss an upcoming event in your department? You will never have the respect as a boss.

Cleanliness9097-font-b-clean-b-font-shower-time-font-b-living-b-font-room-bedroom-decorative is paramount in all aspects of your life. You are not an island; you have to interact with people in the stores, at work, at the gym among other places. Am sure you will never be at peace when everybody makes a funny remark of your body odor, you will have self- esteem challenges.

Showers have a soothing and a relaxing effect on top of making you stay clean and free from any smells. However, the type of shower determines the effect it has on your body. A long bath
from a slow showerhead flow helps to have a calming feeling which reduces anxiety and stress. The overall effect is decreased cases of depression from such individuals.

Clean living directly determines healthy living of an individual which has increased productivity at work and even make you achieve your short term and long term personal goals.


The significance of eating healthy as a woodworker

Eating healthy is not limited not only for woodworkers but also for all humanity. However, woodworkers need to take care of their diet to ensure they have the right energy to sustain the physical activities involved in woodwork. A healthy diet should have all essential nutrients in different categories in the right quantities. You want to finish the bookshelf your nieces ordered for their birthday, you also have your daytime job, which is demanding. The type of food you eat determines whether you can withstand the pressure and make the bookshelf as desired without compromising on quality.

The effect of food is not instant; eating healthy should be a habit. Why must you take a balanced diet as a woodworker?3f10482b92fc4b582ba27ed01bcaf85f

Provides energy

Checking cabinet saws available in the market for you to make the right choice for your woodwork projects need a clear mind. Have you ever bought something and wondered why you never saw the faulty part? That means you were tired and had less energy, which makes your mind to stay clear for wise decision-making process.

You need to take a lot of starch as a woodworker since they are high in calories, which you will use in the physical activity so there is no excess energy stored as fat. However, take a heavy starchy meal in the morning as you reduce the quantity as the day progresses since you tend to use less energy at the end of the day. This helps to avoid unutilized energy which is converted to fat. Whole grains are advisable.

Prevents infection and diseases

Vitamins got from fruits and vegetables help to replenish unhealthy body cells. In addition, it helps to allow the body to fight diseases without the use of conventional medicine. A healthy woodworker makes proper designs and can work for longer hours with fatigue, if not it may lead to overworking which has detrimental health effects.

Get essential minerals and fibers

Specific minerals are got from specific foods. Fibers help to prevent constipation, how can you work with a bloated stomach? Ensure you have a variety of vegetables to have diverse minerals in the body to cater for various body needs.

Prevents lifestyle diseases

Eat a healthy diet for woodworkers, hence no fast foods, which slows a woodworker’s performance or rather increases his weight making him less flexible to handle various woodwork projects. A healthy weight in relation to the BMI helps to carry out woodworking project effortlessly.

Promotes health 

If you have a phobia for the gym, then woodwork is the best home gym. It helps you stay fit and keep a healthy body weight to handle both mainstream work and woodwork as a part time job.

Increases muscle mass while reduces weight gain

An increase in muscle mass because of proper and healthy eating helps to reduce weight and its related illnesses. Muscle mass is responsible for stamina and agility to hold woodwork tools and run the carpentry workshop like a professional. The type of food determines the overall health of a woodworker. Eating healthy keeps the doctor away.

Change your eating habits from fast food to Clean-Food

download-1Fast food consumption has detrimental effects on a human body. To achieve proper physical and mental health you must eat clean and healthy food. The body responds to what we eat. Clean food consists of whole meals, fruits, and vegetables. Stay away from processed, quick fix meals at the restaurants and just eat at any fast food like Best Food Au Bon Can Offer. They have high-calorie content stored as saturated fats responsible for high cholesterol in the body. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. To sustain the change, have a positive attitude and take one step at a time. Here are some tips to help you go through the change

Positive mindset

Have a motivating factor to change your eating habits. Is it an upcoming event, which you want to look sexy? Is it a negative comment about your eating habits? The positive attitude will help to ensure you are focused towards the goal and you can sustain the routine until you achieve your desired results.

Define the time you are willing to commit to the challenge

Changing your eating pattern revolves around total lifestyle change. How are you planning your breakfast, lunch, and dinner? What are the financial implications? How are you going to handle the cravings? These are questions to help you change your eating habits and ensure you keep up with the repercussions, however, challenging they may seem.

Prepare a comprehensive audit of your diet

Have a list of foods you want to avoid and a replacement. Technology offers numerous applications and online forums to offer guidance. Join groups they educate and help you go through the journey.

Start small

The journey to great physical health has many options. Make a decision to focus on one habit at a time within a specific period. Ensure you stick to it. After a month incorporate other habits and always focus on the main goal and not the repercussions of your diet change.

Set clear objectives

Saying I want to reduce on pizza is not enough. The objectives must be (SMART) Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and within a given Timeframe. How many calories do you want to cut on? How do you want to manage the craving? For how long do you want to stay away from Pizza?

Tailor the lifestyle change in your grocery shopping

Change your shopping routine by involving a grocery list and avoid fast foods. Consider buying food with low fat and high-calorie content. Stick to the schedule set in your objectives. Your grocery list will reduce and realize your monthly budget will also be cut by a certain percentage.

Consider these tips in meal preparation

Prepare your meals to ensure they maintain the nutritive content and no addition of calories. You might buy the right food but you make a mistake in preparation. Stick to boiled and steam food to achieve better results.

This is a long term effect, you should not lose hope when you do not see the impact of your efforts on healthy lifestyle within a month. As long as you are doing the right thing, give yourself time.

Green Smoothies for healthier body

Green smoothies contain numerous health benefits among them weight loss. Naturally, there are some fruits or vegetables you may hate their taste for whatever reason, smoothies allow you to blend the undesired fruits and vegetables to ensure you receive all nutritive content in fruits. Smoothies also maintain the nutritive value of the ingredients. There is also minimal wastage, the waste sometimes contain roughage essential for normal body functioning.

What are the health benefits of smoothies?

Easier route to weight loss

Lactating women who have included smoothies in their diet have managed to lose baby weight within a short time. This is because it contains all essential nutrients with low-fat content and calories making sure there are no excess fats stored in the body, the main reason for weight gains. It also helps to avoid cravings for junk food. It keeps the stomach full and allows you to consume less food. It is a healthy lifestyle to weight loss since there is no starvation or skipping meals to achieve weight loss.

Helps in consumption of vegetables and fruits

The taste of some vegetables is not pleasing; their blend with a mixture of fruits gives a better taste without having a taste of any of the vegetables so it is important to get the best juicer. You can also try to check the reviews of centrifugal juicers for more nutritious consumption. The consumption ensures you have the right vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables.freegreatpicture-com-33622-fruit-juice-from-a-strawberry

Maximum nutrient consumption

Smoothies are easy to prepare compared to the preparation of each of the greens separately. The crushing allows easy absorption to the blood stream than chewing. In the end, you consume essential nutrients ideal for mental and physical health. There is no wastage in smoothie preparation.  There is complete consumption of all nutrients as a whole and fresh. There is no temperature interference as a result of cooking, which might destroy the nutritive value of the ingredients.

Enhances energy levels

Smoothies are easily digested because there is little time in chewing. It is also absorbed directly into the blood stream. A glass of smoothie contains micronutrients, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which are turned to healthy glucose. Glucose is responsible for raising energy levels in human body.

Maintains the right body PH

The foods we consume are responsible for the alkalinity of acidity of the digestive system. Too much acid causes diseases like ulcers. Smoothies maintain the alkalinity of the system to alleviate heartburn, constipation, and indigestion challenges.

Boosts immune system

Plant leaves are rich in chlorophyll (the green matter in plant leaves) it helps to increase blood volume and blood purification. This helps to boost the immune system to prevent mineral deficiency illnesses.

Responsible for strong bones and teeth

Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals. Minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium are the main components of the bone marrow. This helps in strong bones and teeth.

It is evident green smoothies have unlimited benefits to the human body. The raw consumption of fruits and vegetables allows intake of vitamins without any interference in the nutritive content because of food preparation.

Clean food and home gym equipment are perfect combination

Yes, healthy eating and gym equipment are a perfect combination to achieve your fitness goals. The goal of any home gym equipment is either to reduce fat or build muscles. Whatever the goal you want to achieve by having the home gym you should strive to eat clean and avoid unnecessary sugars and saturated fats- a key reason for massive weight gain and low muscle strength.

When eating clean, do not starve. Health experts recommend portion control and focus more on having more vitamins in your diet than animal protein or carbohydrate, which are responsible for fat accumulation since its excess after digestion is stored as fats, which form a lining of major organs and blood vessels. This is detrimental since it prevents flow of blood to the required areas.

What is clean food?

Clean food is healthy diet, which include whole grains like corn, wheat maize and oats together with vitamins found in fruits and vegetables as well as healthy fats and proteins found mostly in plants. Animal protein nutritionists recommend white meat as opposed to red meat, which takes time to digest straining the muscles and faster body cell depletion.

Home workouts when indulging in excess fat and animal proteins is zero work. This does not mean you do not eat animal protein and dairy product completely but it means limiting portions for a better result. The time of eating is also s great determinant in clean eating use the saying eat breakfast like a king. You burn a lot of calories during the day hence eat a heavy breakfast such that by the time you are going to sleep all of them have been turned to energy. Unlike when you consume heavy dinner, there is no physical exercise hence the food is automatically change to fat leading to weight gain and unnecessary fat accumulation.

Snacks are a great contributor to indulging in fats. Make it a habit to snack fruits or vegetables like carrots. This helps to eat right as well as avoid starving. Water is a component you cannot forget to consume more when working out. Blood plasma contains 80 percent water. Drink lots of water to allow you hydrate especially during workouts. You will realize most fitness centers have water provided for clients to rejuvenate and replace water lost through sweating.

Consistency in eating right and healthy is not something to achieve in a day. Along the way, you will relapse and over indulge. It is a process, take one day and a time but be discipline with the overall goal as your motivating factor. Encourage yourself and if possible diversify and make use group outdoor workout to reduce monotony.

Home gym is a great idea but the success of the workouts relies on your lifestyle( You will not achieve best results when you do not want to leave your comfort zone. Start small as you move to moderate exercise, before you realize you are many miles away towards getting your desired result.

Benefits of eating fruits for a ping-pong player

Health benefits of eating fruits are far greater than that of anything. Why take energy syrups or vitamin tablets when you can eat fruit and still look fresh and healthy?

Fruits not only provide you with all the necessary minerals but also all the necessary vitamins. People who eat fruit as a routine are less likely to get chronic diseases and live longer.carbohydrates

The nutrients present in fruits are necessary for the growth and maintenance of your body. Many fruits have potassium which increases your resistance against heart diseases and heart strokes. Potassium is also known to be good for eradicating chances of kidney stones which can otherwise cause kidney failure. Some fruits also have folic acid which helps in creating blood in your blood. Fruits have forever, contained the cure to most of the diseases and the benefits for human body.

Athletes diet comprises of fruits and some other kind of food too. But they’re very particular about fruits. It may sound funny to you but ping pong players also have a specific diet plan. The aerobic game may not look much to you but it does involve much effort. Ping players come with biceps too.

Since the game is all about mental exertion as well as physical exertion the players need fruits to maintain the strength and energy. Fruits With: Carbohydrates Everybody needs carbohydrates. They’re fuel to your body as petrol fuels a car to run. They’re the key ingredient to any athlete.

Fruits like sugarcane and apricot have what a player needs. A player of 70 kg at least requires 490 grams to 560 grams of carbohydrates a day. Proteins Is an essential element for growth. Proteins help cure and fix body tissues hence, beneficial for players in times of injuries. Fruits like avocado and dates are rich in proteins. Dates are enough to fill in for breakfast. And players need a lot of protein, an average ping pong player needs at least 120 grams of it. FatAs funny as it may sound to any fat person out there your body needs a particular amount of fat. Fat helps to carry and absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K and E. A person of 70 kgs would require 70 gs of fat.

Benefits A fuel at eleventh-hour Yes, you’re in competition but haven’t had enough food or are low on energy because you rehearsed too hard instead of fake or poisoning energy drinks all you need is fruits. Dates or avocados or apples to build back your strength. Carbohydrates all the way Carbohydrates right before your game will top-up your downs. You can grab a fruit salad or a smoothie from the tuck-shop in case you haven’t had breakfast.

Fast recovery Not as fast as that of Flash. The recovery from injuries would still be quicker than any random guy watching ping pong. It is said that one should consume carbohydrate-rich fruits or drinks within the 30 minutes after a game it triggers the fast recovery. Dehydration As a ping pong player, you want to avoid dehydration and fruits help do that. A Table tennis player need not only to worry how to choose the right one or checking here and there or if playing with robot makes it better. A player needs to worry and be conscious on what he’s eating.

A human body is 70% water and by not drinking enough water you deprive your body of its daily need.  Your body becomes duller and begins to get weaker and sicker.